Project Management Organization Structure

PM OrganizationOrganization structure serves as backbone in the success of the business because it provides you clear framework in which the officials of the company can outline variety of responsibilities. Organization structure of each organization is designed differently on the basis of some certain things including nature, size and the mission statement of the organization. Product based organizational structure usually based on the products, activities, projects and geography of the organization. This is necessary to consider because it helps the company to particularly focus on the specific items in the business operations. Product management organization structure is necessary for each product-based organization as it helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. These structures are originated from the management style of business owners and managers.

Significance of Product Management Organization Structure

Product management organization structure is based on the product line of the company. This type of structure is used by organizations to take the advantage of multiple product lines within the business. Each and every part of the structure forces on the individual unit inside the whole company. Organizations implement a product-based structure to have different layers of managers and employees.

Structure of Product Management Organization

Business owners, directors or executive officers are usually designated on the top level of the organization structure to take the important decisions in the favor of organization. Next level contains operational managers or vice presidents and the lower level will include front line managers from sales, manufacturing and finance departments.

Advantages of the Organizational Structure

Product based organization structure create a flexible business environment in the organization. This helps you to add or remove any section from the structure of the organization. Flexibility is necessary as it helps the organizations to achieve different goals because each unit works uniformly according to resources of the organization.

Identification of Organizational Structure

The companies working with multiple product lines or specific retail divisions use product management organization structure. Product based organizations feature tall structure divided by type and style of product. Almost all organizations use this structure because each division of the business has internal department and operated like a mini business therefore a proper structure is necessary.

Significance of Product Management Organization Structure

Retail stores or malls typically use product management organization structure. Products are discriminated in different groups including apparel, appliance, food and electronic items. This division makes it easy for the business owner and the managers to execute the business operations more professionally.

Downside of Product Organization Structure

Major downside of the product management organization structure is segmentation of the company into divisions that can raise some potential problems. It can increase the unhealthy competition among the managers of different departments that can slow down the natural growth of the business and its ability to accomplish business goals.

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